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I’m no one special, I just have a new found love for blogging so I’m sharing my thoughts, views, values and opinions with whoever is nice enough to read them. Those that do will find I’ll often say things others shy away from and my words can be quite raw but I don’t mean to offend. If I do, my page probably isn’t for you.

Here’s a little bit more about me in my first post for 2014

Who am I inspired by? Everyone
Where do I get my ideas from? Everywhere
What keeps me up at night? Nothing (unless my adorable twin girls decide to)
Why do I write a blog? Just because I enjoy it 🙂 (and I hope people get something out of it)
When will I blog? I’ll publish my feature post every Tuesday and will squeeze another one or two in during the week

Connect with me
Twitter – @sh_tpetesays
Facebook – Shit Pete Says
Google+ – shitpetesaysblog@gmail.com

My words are my own and do not reflect the views or opinions of any company I work for or with.


Let me know your thoughts

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"better you burst the dam than have the dam burst on you"

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