Dry July – are the right people even doing it?

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July 1, 2014 by shitpetesays

Today marks the day many will commence their undertaking of ‘Dry July‘. They commit to saying “No” to alcohol for 31 days. Everyone has their different motives. Some people do it to genuinely support the cause while others just want to give their livers a break but aren’t brave enough to do it without a nationally accepted excuse to do so. If you’re going to do it, earn donations and support the cause!



This initiative kicked off years ago and seems to have a fairly positive impact. But if a key goal of such a campaign is to curb binge drinking, alcohol fuelled violence, drink driving, domestic violence and so on I’d have to say it has a long way to go before it can be called a success. Sure, there’s a whole bunch of people committing to not drinking, but are the right people making this commitment?

By ‘right’, I mean those that would normally drink themselves stupid throughout the month of July and decide to get behind the wheel of a car. Are the ones binge drinking and getting into fights the ones calling it quits? Are the low lifes that beat their partners while intoxicated really seeing this as an opportunity for change? Call me pessimistic but I doubt it.

I’m no stranger to alcohol myself. I’ve written about my problem with alcohol, the disgrace it can bring to Australia Day celebrations, and how it is evident in many cases of coward punches in Australia.

To this point, I’m excited to see how the new #mendontbinge campaign is received and the impact it has. Six high profile women have come together to spread the message that binge drinking is not OK, it’s not sexy, it doesn’t make you a man.



Although men are the target in the #mentdontbinge campaign, binge drinking is an issue with both sexes, on all accounts. But I think it’s safe to say that males tend to do more damage and are involved in more altercations than females.

The sad part about it though is the comments on perthnow are already filling up with really useless excuses, smartarse comments and just plain pathetic responses – they appear to be from males.

I hope to see more people getting on board with Dry July and more of the right people. I hope to see #mendontbinge really take off. And I hope to see a gradual, sustainable and permanent change to our drinking culture and more specifically the damaging misconception that ‘drinking makes you a man’. I’ve fallen for that shit myself in my younger years, and I know I’m now more of a man than I’ve ever been.

I drink less. I exercise more. I work. I play. I take care of my very beautiful young family and wouldn’t have it any other way. I couldn’t do all this and be as happy as I am if I didn’t change who I was becoming.

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— Pete @ Shit Pete Says —


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