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April 2, 2014 by shitpetesays

This was a really interesting event, really glad I made it. Besides all the great learnings and top notch presentations, the networking was invaluable. Certainly a huge amount of opportunity with video and social but a lot of considerations to take into account to optimise potential.


video + social

Yesterday I attended  XMediaLab’s ‘Video + Social’ conference. There were 5 main speakers, with information ranging from what you can do with video, to how trad media is dying (if not already dead) to how mobile fuels the demand for video via social. And loads more besides. It’s all about great content, and the Milennials (born after 1980) are feeding the frenzy… oh lordy.

Duane Varan ~ Capitalising on a multi screen universe, @duanevaran

  • bio metrics can measure ppl’s interest during TV watching; during the US VP debate Repubs were all doing fine until the ‘moment’ (Biden said to Ryan “what, so you’re Jack Kennedy now?”) – the bubble popped, and the debate changed thereafter – yet the media did not pick up this; we can measure this in real time
  • cross platform devices makes for more complex world; in fact all ads create near same responses on any device, so the…

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