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April 1, 2014 by shitpetesays

If you follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram (@pee_daddy) you will have seen a few snaps of my best furry friend, Norm. He’s the first small dog I’ve owned (normally I have 50kg+ dogs) and I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy a small dog as much, but he’s certainly proven me wrong.

As much as I always have and still do love big dogs, after having my beautiful twin daughters my partner and I decided we needed to go for a smaller dog. One that would bond well with our kids and not be too big for them to play with.

Most recently we had a French Mastiff named Bruce. He was a beautiful, gentle giant but even a friendly bump or handshake from him and he could’ve done some damage to fragile babies.

So now we have Norm, a French Bulldog with a tiny bit of Pug in him. He’s been great since the day we got him. Very well behaved, great with our girls and all round just an awesome part of our family.

Norm playing with Indie

Norm playing with Indie

He’s the type of dog that is about as fragile as a new baby. I mean, he doesn’t do well in the heat (which we learned very quickly through some 40+ degree days during summer in Perth) so naturally one would think to make a small paddle pool for a dog to keep cool in. Well, not with Norm. Frenchies are more well known for their lack of ability to float than being able to swim.

He’s got these funny little ears endlessly pricked up. I mean, they’re just there, standing up, always. I did notice something very cute though. When I give him a well deserved bromance-hug-style scratch, especially when I hit the right spot, his never-flacid ears point straight back with conviction letting me know that I’m on to a good thing. So I happily oblige and give him one of the greatest satisfactions a dog has.

He is good and he is cute but he’s a little high maintenance. He’s an attention seeker. But he’s got skills too.

Like any dog, he likes to eat but I think he likes to eat my food more. I made the mistake (one I never even thought of making before) of feeding him at our outside table when we have BBQs. This quickly led to him being fed my gourmet steak, from the comfort of my lap. I know I shouldn’t do this (and I’ve since broken the habit) but it goes to show how the cheeky little guy has softened me. 

Maybe it’s all Norm, maybe it’s because I’m a dad now, or maybe its just how I actually feel. It’s nice having that connection with an animal. There’s something about the way he looks at me that makes sure I know I’m his best mate too, he respects me (just not all my stuff) and gives me that unconditional love so many people thrive on. 

Norm and his ears

That look of friendship

— Pete @ Shit Pete Says —


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