get the #nomakeupselfie right for breasts sake


March 27, 2014 by shitpetesays

The #nomakeupselfie campaign designed to raise awareness of and money for breast cancer (and research) is not receiving the respect it deserves in my opinion. So many people jumping on the band wagon are quite simply pissing me off and I know of a number of people who agree with me. 

Straight up, I am a huge supporter of many causes, charities, non-profits, etc. I donate money, I volunteer my time and I offer my professional skills to support organisations in need however I can. Breast cancer in particular is an issue close to my heart as my mum has been affected by it and I know several other people that have been too. 

So it’s not the intent of the campaign that’s bothering me, it’s the people getting involved. There’s so much potential here! I’m seeing so many selfies but no proof of a donation being made or even encouragement from the user for others to donate. 

With all due respect, breast cancer doesn’t need awareness so much as it needs action and donations. Sadly, this type of cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type affecting 1 in 8 women in Australia and what may be surprising to some, men account for 1% of cases (source: NBCF Australia). My understanding is this campaign has been very successful in the UK where participants are posting their #nomakeupselfie but are also including a copy of their donation, then nominating a friend to do the same. 

Pretty much all I’m witnessing in Australia (my home country) are selfies, many without any reference to the purpose of the campaign and certainly no mention of making a donation or encouraging anyone else to do so. 

After debating this issue several times, I decided to contact the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia to get their thoughts. They agreed that although awareness is important, the idea behind the campaign was to also donate and encourage others to do the same. They ended up posting a friendly reminder of this from their Facebook page.

This led me to decide to post the following #nomakeupselfie of my own on my personal Facebook page, my blog’s Facebook page and my blog’s Twitter account so I could actually help make a difference and encourage others to do the same.



So obviously, I implore you to help make a difference and donate to this cause – or at least one close to your heart. Donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia here.

— Pete @ Shit Pete Says —


2 thoughts on “get the #nomakeupselfie right for breasts sake

  1. Thank you for supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). We have raised over $125,000 to date so far through the #nomakeupselfie campaign by asking people to post their selfie, include a link to our donation page and encourage their friends and family to donate to fund breast cancer research.

    This campaign was not an initiative of NBCF or any other charity but driven by the online community to raise awareness for breast cancer. As mentioned in your article, while we believe that raising awareness has relevance, it is also important to include a call to action (in this case donating) and link back to a charity to make social media campaigns more meaningful.

    Once again, we thank you and everyone who has joined us in striving to reach our aspirational goal of zero deaths from breast cancer by 2030.

    • shitpetesays says:

      You’re more than welcome! I’m very happy to hear it’s raised a very decent amount of money in a relatively short time and I hope it was 125,000 donations of $1 rather than one or two big ones – if you know what I mean. Cheers!

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